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Opening Day!

I felt it fitting to post our first blog entry on our first official day open. Our family is so excited to start our own company for so many reasons and to have the opportunity to offer people and businesses a product that we can stand behind…because we made it!

I began printing long before meeting my wife and starting our family and have learned so much, both good and bad and have never stopped learning. Keeping that in mind I will lay out what we offer and our philosophy as briefly as I can…

  1. Ink and Paper Printing would like to tailor our business to your needs. What do you need most? What will help your business grow? Don’t be afraid to ask, it may be the next step in your own growth and we’d love to be there with you when you do!
  2. Ink and Paper Printing cares about the environment. It’s not a sales pitch, it’s a key part of our philosophy. We have chosen processes with the least impact to the environment to help lead others in the same direction, especially since our children will grow in this business with us.
  3. Ink and Paper Printing cares about our community. From our children’s band concerts or cheering at 51’s games this is our town and we want to give at least as much as we receive.
  4. We stand behind everything that we do. Everyone makes mistakes, we promise to do whatever we can to work through any that we make.

Ink and Paper Printing is a locally owned family business started from the ground up by our family so every product and interaction is important to us. Give us a call or come on by anytime to see how we can work together.

Thanks so much from the Sumpter Family!


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