This is our family. We are the Sumpters and we are Ink and Paper Printing. Instead of just offering a list of products, we’d like to know what YOU need and we’ll work hard to tailor our business to suit you.


Chris and Sara Sumpter started our journey together over fifteen years ago while we were both, coincidentally, working in the printing industry. Sara’s family’s roots are here in Las Vegas so we moved here New Years Day 2005 to make a better life for ourselves and never looked back…we love our town!

The Sales Force  IMG_0967                        

Mason, Anjali and Jackson get to learn this business from the ground up. They have been excited about the company from the moment we started planning. Mason and Anjali both want to answer phones and be the face of the company while Jackson has already dubbed himself “Head of Security” and plans to protect our company with drones. We’ll just have to see how they each naturally fit into their roles.

Coffee         IMG_0504                                            

None of this would be possible without coffee, we don’t kid ourselves.